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Barvember Challenges and solutions

White Rose have published an excellent set of problem solving questions for all ages, with a new one being shared every day.  The children will be given opportunities to solve these in school during November and will be able to check their answers the following day.  


If you would like to have a go at home, take a look at the challenges (with or without bars), give them a go and then check back for the solutions the following day.  Why not have a go at drawing your own bar models as you get more confident. You can even use the White Rose digital tools on their website: 

Question 1 Solution (Day 3)

Click to open full screen and watch the solution to the first question

Question 2 Solution (Day 3)

Watch the solution to question 2 from day 3, which will help with similar questions

Question 3 Solution (Day 3)

Watch this for the solution to question 3. This may also help with similar questions.

Question 4 Solution (Day 3)

Watch this for the solution to question 4

Wednesday 8th November Challenge

This is "Wednesday 8th November Challenge" part explained. Watch the video and try to solve the rest of the problem. Check the solution.

Wednesday 8h Challenge solution