Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am

Computer Programming with the CLC

Computer Science Workshops with the CLC


The CLC came to visit and helped us create a computer program linked to our topic. 


Here is what we created!




Reception worked really hard creating programming sequences about healthy food. They designed their own characters and created scenes to explore health and healthy eating.

Year One


In Year One, we made animations about our topic, William the conqueror. Scratch Junior is a great app to help create animations and characters. 

Year Two


In year 2 we used Scratch junior to create animations. We created our own lines of codes to show the fire starting in Thomas Farriner's bakery. We also recorded our own voice and programmed the characters to speak when instructed by the algorithms. 

Year Three


Year three really enjoyed using scratch to create programs showing the rainforest. They used their knowledge of rainforest animals to share facts and information.