Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am


Welcome to our Reception Class Page. Take a look at all of the wonderful learning we have been doing in class. 

In Reception we have been reading 'The Gingerbread Man' as part of our 'Once Upon a Time...' topic. We had a fabulous time making our own Gingerbread people. They were delicious! 

As part of our Act of Service for this term, Reception cleaned Holy Trinity Church ready for the Year 5 Easter Service. 

We had a fantastic time on the Common as part of Forest School. We looked for signs of Spring and loved looking for worm casts in the soil. We played Eagle Eyes and weaved wool around sticks that we found on the common. 

Before walking to Clapham Common, Reception made Grassheads for the public. The children then thought about where would be the best place to leave the Grassheads and left their signs that they had created so people knew that they could take them. 

EYFS took advantage of it being a glorious, sunny, Spring day and set up a carousel of activities based on the theme 'Growth.'

The children made seed bombs by soaking shredded paper and then added the seeds to the mixutre. They also planted different seeds in gloves and thought about where would be the best place to for the seeds to grow. We didn't think that the fridge would be a good place as it is too cold and dark. The children have been observing the seeds overtime and have noticed that not all seeds grow at the same time. 

The children also measured themselves, drew observational pictures of the daffodils growing in the nursery outdoor areas and made worms out of tissue paper. The children decorated tissue paper and then wrapped the tissue around a pencil and removed the paper from the pencil to create a worm. Then the children used a pipette to add water to their worm and watched them grow. What a fantastic day we had! 


Bee Bots

The children loved using the Bee Bots to learn about programming. The children thought about what they wanted their Bee Bot to do and used some lovely positional language. The children worked together to create their own algorithms and took turns to program the bee bots using their algorithm they had created. 


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We have been inspired by Spike Miligan's poem, 'Today I Saw a Little Worm.' In groups we learnt the poem and then thought about how we could change the words to create our own poem.


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In Reception, we have been reading Yucky Worms by Vivian French. Today we made our own wormery. First we cut the top off a large plastic bottle. At the bottom of the bottle we put in gravel to help the water drain from the soil. We then layered soil and sand. The best bit was looking for worms. The book has taught us that if you stamp your feet or add water to the soil then the worms will often wriggle to the surface. We also looked under logs and flower pots. We added the worms we found to the wormery and then added old vegetables and rotting leaves. Worms do not like the light so we then added black paper around the bottle. 

The children have loved reading our class text 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.  The children have been writing some fabulous letters to the Evil Pea asking them for their Supertatoes that they had made back. The Supertatoes would then appear in some interesting places around the classroom. The children have also written some wonderful 'Wanted' posters. To develop their fine motor and maths skills, the children have been using the tweezers to count and capture the Evil Peas. We also made hummus and tzatziki. It was delicious!

The  children in Reception love writing and have been writing letters to Miss Samways asking her for things for the Reception classroom. 

Stick Insects

The children have loved caring for the stick insects and watching them grow. 

Free the Vegetables

The Evil Pea has been causing chaos in Reception and froze lots of vegetables in ice. The children had a fantastic time exploring the ice and  how they could free the vegetables.  

Today in maths we baked fairy cakes. We used one egg to balance quantities of sugar, butter and flour in turn. We had a great time weighing the ingredients and discussing what we needed to do if the scales were not balanced. Once the cakes were cooked, we decorated them with icing and sprinkles. They were delicious! 

What is Special About the Natural World?

For RE we walked to Clapham Common to find signs of the Creation. We thought about how wonderful the Natural World is and why it is so important to look after the world we live in. We also thought about the seasons and discussed how we know that we are in Autumn.  We had a great time! 


Visit Earth

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We have been reading 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We discussed all of the wonderful things we can do on our planet. We then thought about what we would tell someone to visit if they were visiting Earth for the first time.

We enjoyed using our brand new kitchen for the first time to make Rice Cake Faces.  We discussed the different fruit and where it came from. First we had to spread the cream cheese over the rice cake and then we used a knife to cut the fruit. Then we arranged our fruit on our rice cake to create a face. They were delicious!