Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am

Year 5

Computing - Book Creator app

In a computing session, with visitors from the CLC, we used the 'Book Creator' app to create an informative video about Clapham and Devon.  We have been learning all about the different rural and urban environments in our Topic this term.  We used our experience at Nethercott Farm in Devon to help with our book, as well as some research about our city and about the countryside.  Check in the 'Computing' area above for our videos.  

Angle work

Degrees on the pavement

We have been learning about shapes (including angles and lines).  Here we were calculating angles on a straight line.  


We have been learning Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' and had a chance to add to our acting skills with something a little more light hearted with a visiting drama teacher.  We put together a collaborative piece in a very short space of time.  

Jubilee: Art

Jubilee: Picnic and Dancing

To celebrate the Jubilee, we had a picnic lunch, learnt traditional dancing and did some beautiful artwork; take a look at the pictures above.  Thank you to our lovely dance teacher!

Nethercott group photos

Design and Technological excellence

In our Spring DT project we built 3D structures using wood.  To begin with, we researched 3D structures in our environments and then decided to build some animal shelters and Anderson shelters (linked to our WW2 topic).  We practiced cutting wood and making joins before setting to work on our final piece.  Working in pairs and small groups was good because everyone got the chance to practice each skill while building.  We evaluated our end project and reflected on what we would do differently next time. 

We had an entire day of outdoor learning fun, including a walk around Clapham to identify features of Human Geography in our local area and Forest School activities (see the pictures above).  It was a great day full of fun learning. 

UKS2 PE Competition

Year 5 and Year 6 joined forces in teams to compete in a UKS2 Tag Rugby competition, showing excellent teams spirit and showing off their well developed rugby skills.  Above are some photos from the afternoon. 

We went to the Imperial War Museum to learn more about WW2 and had the chance to make documentaries on the spot.  It was a fun day of learning and fantastic opportunity to see what was in the museum!

WW2 Topic Day

We spent the day doing fun activities related to WW2 learning including: coding, ordering events on a timeline, researching and making aircraft, researching the Blitz and creating art work to show it. 

Maths Online - using White Rose Place Value tokens to show subtraction with exchange

King Kong came to visit! Anthony Browne's King Kong to be precise.

When King Kong came to visit we were inspired to create our own native greetings, just like in the story, before writing up an adventure story.  We practiced relative clauses, looked at the story sequencing and then used these ideas in our writing, organising it carefully with paragraphs to show changes in locations or changes in the main events in our stories.

English - writing based on ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan

Royal Observatory Digital Space Show

Year 5 took part in a live digital session with the Royal Observatory, learning all about space as part of their science topic.  They had the pleasure of learning from an astronomer from the Royal Observatory and taking in images from space of Earth, other planets and objects we might find in space.  

Negative numbers scavenger hunt

We have been learning all about Place Value during the first term of Year 5, including negative numbers.  Can you think of anywhere you come across negative numbers in real life? 

Team Building to start the year

We had a great time trying to build the biggest tower in our PHSE lessons and learnt about communication in team work.  We hope to work well as a team, sharing all of our skills and talents this year.