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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

End of Year Trip


We had a great day out at Kensington Gardens and at the Science Museum. A lovely day to end the crazy year. 



Coding Crazy 

Check out some of the amazing, informative Scratch projects Year 4 created during Computing this week. Copy and paste the URL. 


Sam & Maya-

Abigail & Max- 

Rafferty & Monnay- 

Toby & Fraya-

Amelia & Reuben-

Tyler & Jasmine-

Amara & Maxwell- 

Joseph A & Paul-

Jessie & Khalil-

Tom & Stevaun-Tae-

Yohanna & Amelie-

Jacob & Zoe-

Joseph O & JAda-Kay-


Golden Time

Students enjoying some well deserved golden time at the end of a very productive week. 

Acts of Service

Year 4 baked some delicious treats for the team down at Clapham Old Town Fire Station. We wanted to thank them for all their hard work, especially during this strange time. Thanks for taking some socially distanced pictures with us too. 



Today (30/03/21), some of the Year 4 students completed their Bikeability Level 1 training. Students can now;

  • Prepare themselves for a journey
  • Check the cycle is ready for a journey
  • Set off, pedal, slow down and stop
  • Pedal (including looking behind, cycling one handed, turning and controlling speed)


Well done guys

Volcano Madness!

Well done to Abigail and Khalil for being stand out scientists this week and to Samuel, Jacob, Maya and Amelia for their fantastic team work during Science week.

British Science Week 2021- Innovating for the Future

Oooozing Oobleck

We had lots of fun investigating how changes in pressure to this simple mixture (cornflower and water) can change it's properties from solid to liquid.

It was also our messiest experiment this week!

Bouncy Egg Experiment 

Did you know that you can make an egg bounce without breaking it's shell? All you need is some vinegar!


When the egg is placed into vinegar, you see bubbles, which is the chemical reaction of the acid within the vinegar reacting with the calcium carbonate of the egg shell to produce carbon dioxide. Over time, the egg becomes translucent and feels like a bouncy ball. Drop the egg from 1 to 2 inches high off the table and watch your bouncy egg bounce around!


Top Tip: Be careful, it can turn into scrambled egg if it is dropped from too high!  


World Book Day 2021


Unfortunately, we couldn't all be together to celebrate World Book Day in the usual way this year. However, that didn't stop us getting dressed up as some of our favourite characters. 

Screen-Free Activities

Check out what Year 4 have been getting up to during 'Screen Free' afternoons. 

Monnay's poem

Still image for this video

Safer Internet Day 2021 

An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online word. 

Have a look at some of the amazing and informative leaflets and News Reports Year 4 created when looking into Fake News. We learned about what Fake News is, how to spot it and the problems surrounding it. 


News Report

Still image for this video

News Report

Still image for this video

News Report

Still image for this video

Recreating Masterpieces- Art during lockdown.

Santa Hat Daily Mile


P.E Champions of the Week.


Congratulations to Amelie and Samuel who were chosen as this week's Year 4 P.E Champions, for their excellent offense and defence during Hockey this week. 

DT Week- The finished product. 

Our lanterns turned out beautifully! The bright lights from our circuits sent the colours and shapes of our lantern windows all around the room. 

DT Week- Electrical Systems using a Simple Circuit. 

Students have been working hard all week to create their lanterns.

We began the process by deciding what we were going to make. We then collected the necessary resources and got down to work. Everyone was in charge of building and creating their own lantern window. Come back to see the finished product! 

Mr. Hotson P.E Champions of the Week

Congratulations to Khalil and Ellie who were chosen as this week's Year 4 P.E Champions, for their fantastic listening skills and active participation during Thursday's lesson.

Our Dream Jars


We have been enjoying reading The BFG in Year 4. The students have written some fantastic diary entries and character descriptions along the way. After reading about the dreams that the BFG collected, the children used their imaginations to create their own dreams. These were presented onto jar shapes and are displayed in the classroom. Here are some pictures of the display and their fantastic pieces. 


Our Year 4 School Councillors

Art inspired by Jon Daniel's 'Afro Supa Heroes'

Art Lesson 21/10/20


Black History Month has seen us learning about black trail blazers and how innovative people have impacted our lives and changed the world for the better. We have been learning about the famous poet, Benjamin Zephaniah. This week, we began our artwork of Benjamin Zephaniah inspired by the late Jon Daniel's 'Afro Supa Hero' posters. We collectively decided to collage our pictures using coloured tissue paper. 

Come back soon to have a look at our final pieces!

Science Fun!!

We have been learning all about Electricity this half-term.

Students have really enjoyed building different circuits and testing different conductors and insulators. 

Year 3 & 4 recommended reading book list