Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am



Today, EYFS were really lucky to have a Vet and Farmer visit the Reception classroom. We learnt all about what the role of a vet and a farmer. . They also bought their dog Kip in to visit us. After the talk, we practiced bandaging the toys and we also got to brush and take Kip for a walk. What a fantastic day! 


We have been been reading Yucky Worms by Vivien French. We have had lots of fun learning about worms and making wormeries. 

We are Paleontologists!

After finding footprints in the classroom, Reception went on a hunt to find where they led to. They were excited to find an egg. In the afternoon, the children learnt all about Mary Anning and how her fossil findings helped us learn more about dinosaurs. The children then became paleontologists and had fun investigating the different fossils. 

As part of forest school, Reception made a range of different bird feeders. We also made bird art out of plants and we also looked for different birds in the environment. 

The children this term have been learning how to look after animals. They have had a great time role playing in the Veterinary Surgery. 



Making a boat for The Gingerbread Man

The Reception class have been reading The Gingerbread Man as part of our topic Once Upon a Time. We discussed how The Gingerbread Man should not have trusted the fox. We then thought about otherwise he could have crossed the river. The children made their boats and groups and then tested to see if they floated. We then added objects to the boats to see how many they could hold before sinking. 

We had a great time exploring shadows. We made our own shadow puppets and we loved going outside and seeing how big our shadows were. We discussed how shadows are made and how they change at different times throughout the day.