Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am


RECEPTION 2022/2023

After reading Coming to England by Floella Benjamin and learning about Trinidad's Culture and Traditions, Reception decided to throw their own Carnival. In the morning, the children made Trindadian Roti ready for the carnival. In the afternoon we ate lots of yummy Caribbean food and danced the afternoon away. It was lots of fun. 


Reception had a great time visiting Tesco's. The children had £1 each to spend. We looked at the different prices of food items and thought about if we had enough money. We then paid for our items and talked about change. 

For our Act of Service, we made Grassheads and delivered them to people in our local community. First of all we had to add grass seeds to a sock and then fill it with soil. We tied an elastic band around some of the soil to make a nose. Miss Milham and Miss Dennis helped us to stick on the eyes and mouth. We wrote notes on how to look after the grasshead and decorated them. We  had a great time delivering the grassheads and it made us feel happy that we had done some thing nice for other people. 

Easter Nests

To celebrate Easter we made Easter nests. They were delicious! 

Easter Bonnets

Today we had our Easter Bonnet Parade. We created our Easter Bonnets at home and then shared our wonderful creations with our school community.

Today we visited Clapham Library. We learnt all how about how a Library works and how many books we can take out on a library card. We explored the library and chose a book that we wanted to take home. The librarian also read to us 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

To celebrate the end our of topic 'Once Upon a Time,' the children were invited to a Fairytale Ball. The children made invitations, crowns and they also created their own menus for the Ball. First of all, the children had a two course meal using the sandwiches they had made in the morning. After the meal, the children danced the night away. Luckily no one lost any slippers on their way home!  


We made Sandwiches for our Fairytale Ball. 

Internet Safety Day

For Internet Safety Day we discussed the importance of asking an adult before using a device and that we should always check with an adult before opening an app or if there is anything we are unsure about. The children wrote advice on how to stay safe online and also created their own iPads. The children also enjoyed using the iPads to create their own pictures. 

We have been learning about Lunar New Year and have compared the simlarities and differences between the Lunar New Year and our own Celebrations. We also made lanterns and Bao Buns to celebrate. 

After reading The Little Red Hen, we tried different bread from around the world.  We tried baguette, pitta, tortilla, focaccia and hardo bread. We located the different countries on the map and discussed what the countries are like. We looked at the different breads and thought about the similarities and differences. We had a great time tasting all the different breads. 

As part of our topic Once Upon a Time, we have been learning about homes around the world. We have discussed how homes have adapted to climate and thought about the kind of home we would like to live in. We created igloos in groups using marshmallows, icing sugar and cocktail sticks. It was very sticky! 

The children were really excited to use the new Bee-Bots. The children created their own algorithm and then programmed their robots. I was great fun watching the Bee-Bots go! 

Space Food

After learning about Mae Jemison, we wondered what astronaut food would taste like. We tried bananas, strawberries and ice cream. We looked at the similarities and differences between the food we eat and astronaut food. We also discussed why the food was dry. 

We have been reading 'Look Up' by Nathan Byron. The character in the story wants everyone to know about the Meteor Shower but is very upset when she waits for a long time and feels that she has wasted everyone's time. We decided to make star biscuits to cheer Rocket up. 

We used tablespoons to count in the different ingredients  and then mixed them together. Next, we rolled out the dough and cut out our star shapes. Once they had been cooked and cooled down we decorated our biscuits with icing. 

Christmas Decorations

As part of Forest School, the children made Christmas decorations using pine cones and glitter. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

As part of our Maths lesson in Reception, we read We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. We looked at the positional language used in the story and then created our own obstacle courses. The children some lovely positional language to discuss where the objects should go for their obstacle course and whilst they were guiding their friends around the course. It was great fun! 

Parliament Week

For Parliament Week, the children in Reception learnt about the Houses of Parliament. We discussed what happened in the Houses of Parliament and also learnt the House of Commons had green seats and the House of Lords had red seats. Before creating our own Houses of Parliament out of a range of different construction materials, we drew what we were going to create first. 

We also learnt about the importance of voting and now vote for what story we would like at the end of the day.