Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am


Nursery Class Pages 2023/2024


Today the children had an exciting experience to explore technology in their play using Beebots.  Listening carefully to instructions, the children began to learn how to  programme the Beebots,  developed their technical skills and used directional  language. Everyone was delighted as the Beebots rotated and bleeped to signal a successful program sequence.

Humpty Dumpty Investigators

We are all scientists and investigators ! Using our  building and balancing skills we made a wall for  Humpty Dumpty  but evaluated it as not being strong enough because it kept falling over and so revised our design. We familarised ourselves with the Nursery rhyme in our small world play before testing out our Humpty eggs. We used our inquiry and prediction skills to think what would be the best protection for Humpty such as cotton wool. We were very curious to discover what the contents of an egg sounded and felt like.. What do you think that we found out?

In Winter, we planted Daffodil and Crocus bulbs in our Nursery garden. Now that it is spring, on a beautiful sunny morning, we went back to observe growth over time and see how the flowers have changed. .We saw the dew and enjoyed the bright coloured petals.

As part of valuing other cultures, we celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. We enjoyed the story of the twelve  animals and painted the dragon to bring us luck. We made lucky red envelopes, decorating them in gold to bring prosperity and added pairs of coins. Finally , we cooked fortune cookies and inserted our messages.

The Chinese New Year Race

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The Emperor announced that whichever animal won the race, the year would be named after them. The rat cheated and came first and the dragon came fifth.