Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am

Year 3

Project Week! Design and technology. 
This half term we have been learning a lot about climate change, photosynthesis and threats to rainforests. As a result students designed and constructed models of their solution to reducing carbon dioxide by planting more trees in London - however with such little space to plant trees, students had to be creative problem solvers. Some examples were filling the paddle pool at Clapham Common with soil, then plants. Making rooftop gardens on all flat rooves, climbing vines on all houses, rafts full of plant beds floating in the Thames & sea, making use of abandoned buildings. 

3D objects!
Exploring vertices, edges and faces!

This week we have explored debating as a means of discussing a topic. We explored two driving questions - 
1. Should the Mayor pay the Pied Piper?
2. Is the Pied Piper a good or bad man? Are his actions just or unjust?


Below are some examples from our debates from question 1. 

Should the Mayor pay the Pied Piper?

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Should the Mayor pay the Pied Piper?

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Windrush and Music! 
In light of it being Windrush Day this week, we explored some Caribbean music and learnt about the Cuban Conga Drum, rhythm and tempo. We explored some music from Bob Marley as well, incorporating the beats we had learnt on the drums. 


Technology workshops!
This week we were very lucky to have Rowan visit us and teach us how to show our learning through an app called Puppet Pals! We used our own drawings from the Amazon Rainforests to create an animation! We thoroughly enjoyed it. Below are some pictures and one example of what we created. 

Puppet Pals

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After finishing our Peppermint Tea Guide, which you will be able to read upon visiting our classroom towards the end of this term, we have commenced a new English topic focused on The Pied Piper of Hamelin. We began our unit today by exploring life as a wealthy, entitled person hundreds of years ago. Particularly their reaction to a rat running through the kitchen! Students thoroughly enjoyed improvisation during drama. 

Royal Tea Tasters!
As we have been reading 'Cloud Tea Monkey's' in class. We became Royal Tea Tasters ourselves and tried peppermint tea! We now know, it is not for all us. Some of us compared it to tooth paste and the dentist's gloves!!
COMING SOON... The Peppermint Tea Guide!

Protect the Amazon; Protect the Planet!

This half term we are exploring a unit of integrated work, where we learn about the world through all of our learning areas at once! We are investigating our Christian Value of Justice, while exploring the importance of our world's rainforests. 
This week we explored plants and their life cycle  through drama. 

The Queen's Jubilee Celebrations in Year 3! 
We enjoyed a range of activities last half term to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We learnt and performed a Maypole Dance, enjoyed a royal morning tea lunch, explored the Queen's role and achievements, and created magnificent artwork of her using paint, straws and our breath.

Science - investigation on water transportation in plants

Topic - Weather Forecast for countries with rainforests

Term 4 Trip - Butser Ancient Farm (for our Topic Stone, Iron and Bronze Age)

Act of Service - made scones for the parents who attended Easter Service

Science Week - STEM challenge (using the materials given to make a sturdy bridge)

Year 3 World Book Day

Science - the aim of the experiment was to test Macaulay's garden soil type. We predicted rock would sit at the bottom, but the result was the soil was at the bottom.

English - Persuasive writing based on The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy and Nicolletta Ceccoli