Macaulay Church of England Primary School

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Good news & value 28.05.21

Congratulations to:

Good news:

  • Lola: for her diligent and keen attitude towards her learning and listening well in class
  • Charlie: for excellent involvement in class discussions this week and sharing his lovely ideas

 Value (wisdom):

  • Rayann: for thinking deeply, working hard and taking opportunities to laugh often

Stone Age pottery

D.T Week 

Our topic this term was 'A healthy and varied diet'. We decided to make delicious and nutritious salads. First, we conducted a survey to find out what ingredients our peers like, then we carried out a taste test to try out some new foods. After that, we completed our design brief and wrote 'How to make a salad' instructions. Lastly, we had such fun learning chopping techniques and making our salads. 

Experience Easter with the HTC

P.E champion of the week - 25.03.21 - Well done Teni

Idiom of the week - 08.03.21

Congratulations to Eve & Theo for being chosen as stand-out scientists for Science Week 2021

Science Week  08.03.21

We used our planning from Monday’s lesson to build our bridges in groups. We had a variety of materials to use, such as straws, card, Blu Tack and tape. Then we tested their strength by putting a cup with multi-link blocks in. We started with 10 blocks and gradually increased them to test the sturdiness.

Science Week  08.03.21

We investigated friction with a variety of materials – astro turf, nylon, hessian, cotton and bubble wrap. We used a ‘ramp’ and car to measure at which height the car started to move on each surface.

Science Week  08.03.21

We had such fun acting out a scene from Now Press Play. Our Science topic is Forces and we learnt about friction, different surfaces and gravity too.

Dressing up potatoes (and other fruits and vegetables) as our favourite characters for World Book Day

Are we pushing or pulling? Our Science topic this half term is Forces - Learning in lockdown

During lockdown, we created artwork pieces inspired by Wayne Thiebaud, an American painter best known for his colourful works of edible treats. Take a look at our cakes, ice-creams and gumball machines - YUM!

Reading our favourite books - Learning in lockdown!

Learning about fossils in Science - Learning in lockdown!

Santa hat run!

Design and Technology week - 07.12.20

In Year 3, we designed and made purses. Firstly, we discussed and tested which material would suit best. We then designed our product, making sure to keep the target market in mind. We learnt and practised how to do a 'running stitch' and an 'overstitch'. After that, we experimented with different joining techniques. In the end, we decided to go with a simple Velcro closure. Finally, when the hard work was finished, we gave our purses a personal touch with fabric stickers.


Our creative 'Ancient Egypt' half-term projects!

Black History Month


During Black History Month we learnt about various black trail blazers and how innovative people have impacted our lives and changed the world for the better. We learnt about the extraordinary Malorie Blackman and used our computing skills to research her interesting life and career. Our art piece, inspired by Jon Daniel's 'Afro Supa Heroes', was of the inspirational Desmund Tutu.


Maths fun

Year 3 & 4 book list