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Book Creator Books


In a session with the CLC, we made our own books using 'Book Creator', an app that we used on ipads.  We had a short space of time to integrate photos (some of which were taken in Devon on our school trip), text and audio clips before exporting them as movies.  We hope you enjoy them! 

Book 1

by Zoe and Monnay

Book 3

by Maya and Sam

Book 5

By Amelie and Max

Book 4

By Reuben, Tyler and Jas

Book 6

By Amelie and Joseph O

Book 7

By Reuben and Maxwell

Book 8

By Abigail and Khalil

Book 9

By Joseph A and Jada-Kay

Book 10

By Jacob and Ellie

Book 11

by Paul and Kay

Book 12

By Tom and Stevaun-Tae