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I Know Who I Am


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Curriculum Statement




That Macaulay enables all children to discover what they enjoy and what they do well.


At Macaulay we strive to develop each individual to recognise their own strengths, find their own passions and to reflect on how to build upon themselves to be the best that they can. We believe that the curriculum provides the bedrock for this and throughout their school life we aim to open possibilities. We have written it with the intention to motivate and inspire learners to take a joy in the world that they live in, to be young explorers and reflective thinkers who embody our Christian values. By the time our children leave Macaulay, they are excited by learning, curious about the world they live in and deeply value education. They also have social experience that opens doors to wider long term cultural capital and emotional intelligence to play, work and problem solve effectively with others. Our children access a truly broad curriculum including arts, science, technology, humanities and sport. They appreciate the rewards found in the pursuit of excellence. We insist that they are able to use deeply rooted skills and knowledge in maths, reading and writing in order to do so. We focus on vocabulary, making connections and enjoying inspiration in order to give real opportunities to explore and deepen understanding.

Whole school topics 2021-2022

Enrichment Activities


At Macaulay we make the most of our central location and enliven the children's learning with a wide range of activities and visits that support and enhance the termly topic.  Whilst the current restrictions mean that trips and visits are limited at the moment, we will be looking to resume them as soon as we are able. 


Highlights of a child's time at Macaulay are the Year 5 residential trip to a countryside venue and the Year 6 day trip to Boulogne.


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