Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am

Year 2

YEAR 2 2022/2023

Ice Lollies for DT!


Year 2 have been cooling down in this hot weather by making healthy iced snacks. We tasted a range of fruits to decide which ones we might like to include. Then we designed our ice lollies, thinking of sweet and sour fruits that would work well together. We practiced chopping skills to prepare the fruit, freezing it in moulds. Finally we enjoyed our ice lollies in the shade, a delicious, refreshing and healthy treat! 


Brockwell Community Greenhouses


For our science topic 'Summer Gardens', today we visited the greenhouses in Brockwell park. We enjoyed a herb hunt, smelling different plants. We learned about the parts of the plant and how plants and bees depend on each other for survival. We looked at how we can eat different parts of plants, and dissected beans to see the new seeds inside. We also got to taste how delicious plants are when we made our own rhubarb crumble using the harvest from the garden! 

Clapham Library

Today we went to Clapham Library to hear Sean Julian read his new book 'Between Night and Day'. We really enjoyed hearing how he got the ideas for the story. We even got the chance to be illustrators as he taught us how to draw the characters. 

Art: Rachel Whiteread


In art we have been looking at the sculptures of Rachel Whiteread. Rachel looks at the empty, hollow space inside structures, and creates solid air. We brought in some objects and tried to make our own 'solid air', looking at the space in and around our objects. 

DT: Story Character Puppets


For our DT this term we made puppets. We designed a puppet based on a book character, then we chose the right colour felt. We drew  a template and cut out our fabric. We then chose a thread and sewed this together, then finished it off with decorations.

They look amazing Year Two! Well done! 

World Book Day!


We had a fantastic day, we really enjoyed hearing from Rachel Chivers Khoo about her new book. She told us what it is like to be an author and gave us some great creative writing tips.


There were some amazing costumes in Year 2 too!

St Paul’s Cathedral


We had an excellent day at St Paul’s cathedral. We explored the crypt and saw statues that were almost burned down during the fire. We retold the story together with role play and costumes, including being 17th Century fire people. Then we got to see the dome and see all of Christopher Wren’s hard work rebuilding the cathedral. It was an amazing day!

Safer Internet Day

We have been thinking today about all the wonderful things we can do online, but also how we can keep ourselves and others safe whilst doing so. We went around the class discussing things we can enjoy on the internet. Then we played a game called ‘help!’, which gave us different scenarios and we discussed how we might respond to these. One thing we all agreed that was important to remember was to always tell a trusted grown up if something doesn’t seem right!

Art Week


For art week we have been exploring colour and the work of Pablo Picasso. We discussed our likes and dislikes about the cubist and blue period paintings, and how they made us feel. Then we made our Picasso style cubist portraits, using different colours to show different emotions. Have a look at some of our amazing work! 

Science – Materials

In Science we are learning about different everyday materials, their suitability and properties. Today we investigated the hypothesis...

‘Hard materials cannot absorb water.’

We designed an investigation and tested out this hypothesis.

We learned that this is only sometimes true, some materials like brick and wood do absorb water!

DT Week

We have been busy this week making Mars Rovers! We looked at the different parts we would need, such as an axle and a wheel. We chose the right size axles and wheels for our boxes and thought about what we would use to fix them in place but still make sure the wheel can spin properly while travelling on the rocky surface of Mars.

Greenwich Observatory

We had a great day at Greenwich Observatory and Planetarium. We went to see the meridian line and the telescopes used by astronomers. We saw Saturn through the telescope! Then we went into the planetarium to see Ted’s Space Adventure, where Ted and plant visited different planets and found out how the conditions were different across our solar system. Finally we thought about what we would need to take to the moon, like the astronauts who have travelled there. We packed our bags, then made our own moon footprints. The footprints of astronauts like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are still on the moon today!

Experience Christmas at HTC

Today we went to HTC for their ‘Experience Christmas’ activity. We really enjoyed hearing and exploring the Nativity story, thinking about the characters and the meaning of Christmas.



UK Parliament Week


Today we learned about how parliament works. We talked about the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We learned about MPs and their role. We then thought about how most MPs belong to a political party, a group of people who have similar ideas about how they want to run the UK. Before an election, they will try to persuade people to vote for them by explaining why they think their ideas are the best. We thought about what we might want our political party to represent and why, then we made rosettes and discussed our election pledges, based around our new political party.


Reptiles and Minibeasts!

For our science topic on living things and their habitats, we had the chance to meet some fascinating creatures. We met reptiles such as a milk snake and a bearded dragon, and some insects too including a stick insect, tarantula and millipede. We talked about what they need to survive, their favourite foods, and where they might live. 



Explorers Day

Year 2 had a fantastic day today! They chose an explorer and made a fantastic effort to learn facts and share their explorer with the class. We talked about significant explorers from history. We really enjoyed junk modelling an explorer's mode of transport with our grown ups. 

What a super day we had!

Art Skills

We have enjoyed sketching in art, using techniques such as hatching and blending. Today we sketched our own still life and then made a walking gallery, enjoying everyone's amazing drawing skills!

Black History Month


Today we took part in a workshop celebrating Black Britons who have made amazing contributions to society. We learned about Maggie Aderin-Pocok, Lenny Henry, Rosalie Jones, Claudia Jones and Marcus Rashford. We took part in acting and dancing activities

to remember their achievements. It was a great way to celebrate Black History Month together. 

Sports Day 2022


Year 2 took part in Sports Day today. They tried their best at a range of activities, including throwing, jumping, balancing and running. They worked as a team too and did a fantastic job cheering everyone on. Well done to all the children!