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Welcome to Reception!


Take a look at all the fantastic work we have been doing in Reception

Vist Earth

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This week in Reception we have been reading 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We have thought about all the wonderful things on our Planet. We then thought about if someone was visiting earth for the first time what we would tell them to come and visit.

Rice Cake Faces

Over the Summer holidays the Reception classroom had a fabulous kitchen put in. The children had a fantastic time using the kitchen for the first time. We made rice cake faces. First we had to spread the cream cheese on the rice cake and then we cut our fruit and arranged it onto our rice cake. We can't wait to do more cooking! 

We had a fantastic day at Battersea Park. We had fun learning about the animals and thinking about the similarities and differences between ourselves and the animals we saw. 

This week in Reception we have been reading 'Coming to England' by Floella Benjamin. We learnt about Trinidad and thought carefully about the similarities and differences. After learning that Carnival was a popular tradition in the Caribbean, we decided to organise our own Carnival. We looked at the different clothing worn at carnivals and then made our own head dresses and flags. We had such a fun time at Carnival dancing to the steel pans. The food was delicious! We had made our own Trinidadian roti and we also tried patties, plantain, bun and cheese, watermelon and fruit punch.  


We were extremely excited about the eggs that arrived in our class. We made predictions about could hatch from them. It was fascinating watching them hatch and we had a wonderful time being ornithologists. We learnt how to look after the ducklings and we also looked at similarities and differences between ducklings and chicks. We also thought about the life cycle of a duck. 

A duckling hatching

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Look at the duckling hatch from the egg.

Our topic this term is Keeping Healthy.  The children have had a fantastic time playing in the doctors surgery, and thinking about healthy eating at the Macaulay School Cafe and in our supermarket. 

We have also learnt  how germs spread and the importance of washing hands. 

We have also created some delicious snacks where we had to pracitse our knife skills by spreading cream cheese on to a rice cake and cutting up our chosen fruit or veg. 


After reading Omar and the Bees for Earth Day, Reception decided to find out about honeybees. We found out how bees made honey and then we made honey biscuits. They were extremely delicious! 


We also found out why bees are so important to the world and how they help with pollination. To help us learn about pollination we did a science experiment where we had to pretend to be bees flying from flower to flower. The crumbs on our hands represented the pollen.  We now know lots of other animals and insects that are pollinators.  Flowers are really important to bees so we planted some sunflowers. We can't wait to see how big they will be. All the other classes were really happy for the wild flower seeds and instructions we gave them too. 


To encourage people to help save the bees, we wrote some some wonderful posters and made up songs. Our cloakroom is now also a beautiful bee corridor.  

Clapham Common

Reception had a wonderful time on Clapham Common. Before setting off, we discussed what season we were in. When we arrived we looked for different signs of Spring. We had great fun making clay faces, bird feeders, drawing and playing Eagles Eyes. 
As part of our Act of Service, Reception planted some beautiful flowers on Victoria Rose.

Reception become wormologists.

We have been reading Yucky Worms by Vivien French. Before going to the Forest School area, we thought about what a wormologist would need. We took magnifying glasses, spades, iPads and watering cans to help us find the worms. We learnt from the book that if you water an area it makes the worms come to the surface to breathe. We found lots of worms and we were able to identify if they were adult worms or not.  We had a fantastic time digging for worms. We now can't wait to write facts about them and tell everyone how wonderful worms are! 

Innovating for the future

Q Pootle 5

In Reception we have been reading ‘Q Pootle 5’ by Nick Butterworth. We created our own aliens out of old socks and a range of different resources. We then gave our aliens a name and thought about where they might live and what they would eat.


Forest School

We love Forest School in Reception. Every Monday we go up to the Forest School area, where we participate in a range of different activities. This week we have been looking at making 2D shapes using sticks. 

Black History Month Art Inspired by Jon Daniels 'Afro Supa Heroes'