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I Know Who I Am

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!



Our topic for this half term is explorers! 

We will be looking at the journeys of different explorers. 

Where did they travel?

How did they get there?

What was it like?


These links below can help you find out more about our explorers:


Year 2



Fruit Salads!


We've had such a busy week in year 2 planning and making our fruit salads. Firstly, we tried different fruits to see which ones we might like to include. Then we planned a fruit salad that would be delicious and look appetising, considering how the fruits would work together. Then we learnt new chopping and preparing skills, making our fruit salads.

They were delicious!



Science Investigation



We have been getting green fingers in year 2! We are looking at plants for our science topic. We have planted our own beans, investigating how the seeds grow in different conditions. We have also set up 5 lettuce plants all with a different condition, and we are looking at how these might grow differently. We have also got our own sunflower plant at home to look after, and make observations on its growth. 


Picasso Portraits!


We have been looking at cubist paintings.

We used collage to create our own cubist portrait in the style of Picasso.

Scratch with the CLC


We had a great afternoon making 'Great Fire of London' animations with the CLC. We created our own backdrop, characters, and then recorded sound and animated our London scenes. We had a fun afternoon and learned a lot. Thank you to the CLC for helping us!





We are animators!


We used J2R to create animations, designing our own backgrounds and characters. Have a look at some of our animations here!

Acts of Service


We decided to thank key workers by doing Charlie Mackesy inspired pieces of art. The art work is absolutely beautiful! Well done Year 2. 


Look out for our art work out and about! 


We went to HTC to see it displayed beautifully. Thank you Holy Trinity Clapham for sharing our work! 


DT Week


This week we made glove puppets as part of our DT learning. We had to create a design and choose a joining method and decorations. We then made a template, cut out the fabric, sewed our puppet and then decorated them to look like book characters. 

Can you recognise any characters? 

British Science Week

We had lots of fun in year 2 completing investigations and activities for Science week. 


Building Bridges

We worked as a team to build a bridge. We had to use the materials carefully and decide how we could make our bridge stronger and sturdier. 


Investigating colour!

We had lots of fun investigating colour changes using skittles and water, and we also made our own lava lamps. 


Flying Mouse Investigation

We worked in teams to make a paper mouse and were given the task to make the mouse fly as far as possible! We had to choose the right container and technique, and work as a team to evaluate which container would be the most successful.

On your marks, get set...go!




World Book Day 2021


Although world book day was a little different this year, the children still did some fantastic work! We had some creative costumes and lots of fun activities. 


We took part in an illustration workshop with author Nicola Slater. We drew some amazing squirrels!


We also made our favourite book characters into vegetables! Here are some examples. Can you recognise anyone?

Significant Individuals


Our new topic is 'Two Nurses', where we will be looking into the lives of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. To introduce this topic, the children made fact files about a significant individual to them.

Here are some great examples!


Elon Musk and Amanda Gorman

School Buddies

This term our topic was school buddies. We thought about our local area and compared this to other local areas. We made maps and used compass skills to navigate these. 

To finish our topics we made information leaflets about different areas we have been to. Have a look at some examples here. 

Lockdown Landscapes!

Our DT Project: Mars Rover



Today we made our Mars rover space buggies. We needed to use wheels that could travel across the rocky surface of Mars, using an axle and fixing mechanism that could support the wheels and allow them to turn.

Maths: Money



We are looking at money in maths. We have been making different money totals using different coins. 

Have a look at our piggy banks. We thought about how we could make the same total using a different combination of coins. 


Autumn 2 Topic: Space

In year 2 we are learning all about space and the history of space travel. This week we made the planets. We used paper mache and balloons to create our planets and paint them the right colours. Then we put them up in the right order.


Can you guess what planets we're making?



Autumn 1 Topic: Explorers

We have been learning about lots of explorers, such as Matthew Henson, Christopher Columbus, Bessie Coleman and Ellen MacArthur. 


We celebrated Explorers' day. The children made an excellent effort with their costumes, I was so impressed! Well done for all your hard work. We solved some explorers themed maths problems, and then we wrote explorers themed acrostic poems. We also made our own portrait frames for our own explorers museum. Have a look at our hard work here! 

Can you work out who we are?





Our Bessie Coleman artwork for Black History Month

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