Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am

Year 2

Ice Lollies for DT!

Year 2 have been cooling down in this hot weather by making healthy iced snacks. We tasted a range of fruits to decide which ones we might like to include. Then we designed our ice lollies, thinking of sweet and sour fruits that would work well together. We practiced chopping skills to prepare the fruit, freezing it in moulds. Finally we enjoyed our ice lollies in the shade, a delicious, refreshing and healthy treat! 

Natural History Museum Trip


Year 2 had a fantastic day exploring the Natural History Museum! We went to the ocean life show and learned about habitats, food chains, and life in the deepest oceans. Then we met a Dodo and a Dippy the Diplodocus! What a super day!

Scooter Training

Year 2 had a really valuable morning, learning how to stay safe on their scooters. They practiced pavement etiquette and learned how to identify and safely navigate hazards. Well done everyone for taking part!



Thank you to Tooting Khalsa Centre Gurdwara for welcoming Year 2 today and talking to us about Sikhism. It was a really interesting morning, that will help us in our Sikhism RE topic. 

Making films with the CLC

We had a great afternoon making iMovie audio recordings and short films about our topic 'Around the World'. We researched facts about our project focus country, wrote our scripts then recorded, edited and put together an information film! We also added our own titles and photos. 




South Korea


We are looking at capacity and mass in our maths lessons. We have been using the measuring jugs and weighing scales to measure using different units. We have compared mass and capacity of containers and items using 'greater' and 'less than'. 

Jubilee Celebrations!


We really enjoyed celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. We made stamp pictures to commemorate the queen, and a world record attempt of a paper chain! We also enjoyed learning a country dance and celebrating with a picnic. 

Our celebration paper chain!

Now Press Play - Florence Nightingale


We went on an adventure with Florence Nightingale with our 'Now Press Play' headsets! 

Science - Plants


We talked about how plants grow from seeds and bulbs. We looked at different ways that plants can be dispersed, and made our own seeds that can travel using the wind. They are called helicopter seeds! 


Earth Day


To celebrate Earth Day, we talked about ways we can help the planet and made 5 pledges, committing to things we can do to protect the Earth. 



Good News Winners!

DT: Story Character Puppets


For our DT this term we made puppets. We designed a puppet based on a book character, then we chose the right colour felt. We drew around a template and cut out our fabric. We then chose a thread and sewed this together, then finished it off with decorations.

They look amazing Year Two! Well done! 

Our Act of Service

When we talked about something we could do for an act of service, the children were really keen to help the planet, but also help the wildlife in our local area. Year 2 collected recycled toilet rolls and kitchen rolls. We used these to make bird feeders to help the animals in our area. 

A Walk in London

In English we are reading 'A Walk in London' by Salvatore Rubbino. 


Today we went on our very own 'walk in Clapham'. We looked at all the famous landmarks like the common, the bandstand, the Omnibus theatre and the skate park. We made notes on our clipboards of things to include in tourist guides for the area.

Watch this space! 

Science Week


In year 2 we worked with other year groups to design a 'better burger'. We considered food miles and the impact of the foods we eat on the environment. We chose our own ingredients to make a burger that is tasty, but also good for the planet. 

Good News

Well done to this week's good news winners! 


We are learning about Picasso in art this term. We made abstract portraits in Picasso's style, using different colours and perspectives. Here is some of our work! 

Garden Museum

We had a wonderful morning at the Garden Museum. We learned about different plants and seeds. We used microscopes and digital microscopes to look at the seeds, and then we were able to use iPads to make books about the seeds we saw. Finally we went outside to see the plants and take pictures of these too. What a great morning we had! 

School Buddies


Our new topic is school buddies, this is a geography topic where we will be learning more about our local area. This week we made our own maps about where we live. We had to think about symbols to show key locations and landmarks on our key. 

Year 2 Good News

Well done for your hard work this week! 

Great Fire of London


We made our own videos to show the events of the fire. Enjoy! 

Year 2 Good News


Look at the fantastic books these children have written at home! We are so proud! 

Science Investigation



Can hard materials absorb water? We tested this hypothesis out today. Year 2 were able to discuss and describe their observations. They identified that some materials were less absorbent than others.

Diary Entries 

The Great Fire of London


Year 2 have been working really hard this week writing diary entries about the great fire of London. We imagined that we were Thomas Farriner's cat, and wrote diary entries describing what we might have seen and experienced during the fire. The children worked really hard and should be so proud of their writing! Here are some examples. 

Paper Sculptures

In art we are looking at sculpture and form. Today we used paper, a malleable material, to make 3D sculptures. We bended, folded and twisted the paper to make our sculptures. Have a look! 

DT Week


We have been busy this week making Mars Rovers! We looked at the different parts we would need, such as an axle and a wheel. We chose the right size axles and wheels for our boxes and thought about what we would use to fix them in place but still make sure the wheel can spin properly to travel on the rocky surface of Mars. Here are some of our creations!



Explorers' Day!


Year 2 had a fantastic day as explorers today! We came in dressed as explorers from history, and shared where we explored and what we found. We wrote poems, completed explorers themed maths challenges and made portraits to show explorers from history. We had a great day! 

Golden Time


We had Golden Time on Friday to celebrate all our hard work this week!

We did painting, crafting, playing, colouring and building. 

Have a look at what we've been up to! 



Our topic for this half term is explorers! 

We will be looking at the journeys of different explorers. 

Where did they travel?

How did they get there?

What was it like?


These links below can help you find out more about our explorers: