Macaulay Church of England Primary School

I Know Who I Am

Year 1

YEAR 1 2022/2023

The Christian Creation Story - RE - 11/01/23


This half term we have been learning about and reflecting upon the Christian Creation story. Today we depicted the Creation story in paintings that we put together to make 'The Creation Story Book - Illustrated by Year 1'. Each group got to present and explain their painting. 


Sliders - DT Week - 14/12/22



This week in Year 1 we have been learning about levers and sliders. Each child made their very own moving picture of Santa flying through the sky at night. We then did a self and peer evaluation on our finished pieces of work.


Parliament Week - 15/11/23

This week at Macaulay we have been celebrating Parliament Week. This was kickstarted by a visit from a local councillor in Lambeth. 


This afternoon  we explored the role of parliament and the impact of democracy in deciding who makes up our parliament. Each child came up with their own party campaign and they presented their values and took questions from their peers. We took democracy into our own hands as we held our local Macaulay Year 1 election voting for children to become MPs in our class.




Building our Basic Skills - Computing - 14/11/22


This half term the children have been developing their basic skills on computers. We are learning to log in, open word documents, save and edit our work. The children's independence is developing as they build upon their skills each week. 





A visit from some Creepy Crawlies! - 04/11/22 


To kickstart our learning about animals and their habitats in science we had some very special visitors in school today. We got to meet a bearded dragon, milk snake tarantula, stick insects, and scorpion.


This experience was a wonderful opportunity to learn about what the animals need to survive, their habitats and diets.



Science - Our Senses - 05/10/22


In science we have been exploring the different senses and how we use them. This week we explored our school grounds and used our sense of hearing to work out what different things we could hear in our local environment. 


Last week we explored our sense of taste and enjoyed tasting different fruits in class. We learnt about the job of the taste buds and the salivary glands in helping us to taste. Some of us enjoyed the bitter lemon taste more than others! 


Aren't our senses wonderful?