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I Know Who I Am

Secondary Transition

'This is Us' by the 2020 leavers

We were delighted to celebrate our Year 6 leavers outside in the Lower Playground at the end of July.  As part of their celebration they shared their poem 'This is Us'. Please click above to read their thoughts.
Preparing for secondary transition

Our curriculum prepares our children well for their transition to secondary school.  In recent years, our children have gained music and sports places at schools such as St Cecilia's,  Wandsworth and The Fulham Boys School.  We also help to prepare our children for assessments they may undertake as part of the secondary school application process.


In Year 5 we offer practice in verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers which continues into the first term of Year 6.  At the start of the year in September our Year 6 children are given the opportunity to sit a mock exam and experience more formal test conditions.


At the end of the academic year we arrange for members of the Lambeth Admissions team to talk to Year 4 and Year 5 parents about the secondary application process.


Mock interviews can be arranged for children who are interviewed as part of their transition process and throughout the year there are opportunities for children to discuss and debate current affairs issues.


Our children leave us for a very wide range of secondary schools. Click on the link below to see our leavers' destinations over the past few years.

Leavers' destinations 2016 - 2020