Macaulay Church of England Primary School

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Church Links

Our Christian beliefs are central to life at Macaulay School.  Our linked church is Holy Trinity Clapham (HTC) and we share a close and historical link with them. The incumbent is always an ex-officio governor of Macaulay and both Jago Wynne, Rector, and Rosie Jones, Outreach Minister, sit on our governing body.  Emma Kniebe and Felix Stevenson of the Families and Children team support the work in school and usually, each of our key stages attends a collective worship at HTC each term.  Our end of term services, led by the children, are held at the church - everyone is welcome to attend these!



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Although we are not currently able to meet altogether under the current restrictions, we would usually have regular visits from clergy from the following local churches to lead our collective worships: